Black Rock Rangers On-Line Manual Review

What is this and why are we doing it?

One of the biggest bits of feedback we've gotten about Ranger trainings is that trainees don't want to sit in training and have somebody read stuff to them from the Ranger Manual.

We agree! We don't like being up in front of the class reading the Manual any more than you like being in the audience listening to us.

To avoid this unfortunate outcome, you get to read the Ranger Manual before training, and take this here little on-line review to make sure you absorbed some of the more important points from it.

Don't like tests? Not to worry. You're not being graded on this, and you can't fail. In fact, we guarantee that you will get 100% correct — because if you get something wrong, the review will flag it for you and will point you at the appropriate Ranger Manual page to review. Then you'll get to answer it again (and again) until you get it right.

You'll probably want a copy of the Ranger Manual handy while you take this review. You can find one on-line here. You should also review the Burn Perimeter Briefing document, available here.

This review is required for Alphas and first-year Rangers, and completely optional for veteran (2+) year Rangers.

Before we begin ...

Before we begin, please tell us your Ranger handle. If you don't have a Ranger handle yet, please use <last name><first initial>15. For example, if your name is Chris Peterson please use PetersonC15 below.

How many years have you Rangered at Burning Man?

I haven't Rangered at Burning Man yet

One year (i.e., this will be my second year as a Ranger on playa)

Two or more years

Please note that we're specifically talking about years Rangering at Burning Man, not at Regional or other events.

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